FREE FASHION CHALLENGE - fashion addicts worldwide stop buying clothes for 1 year

On 11 November 2010 thirty fashion addicts worldwide stopped buying clothes for one year. Since the start of the project daily we have had people request to join in. Our target has never been to make the whole world stop shopping, but we do appreciate it tremendously that all these fashionista’s understand that fashion should be about more than just shopping. Therefore we decided to create a join option, so other fashionista’s can join the Free Fashion Challenge as well!

So if you shop unconsciously and purchase a miss-buy frequently, you are welcome to join our project. Besides agreeing to stop shopping for clothes, accessories, bags and shoes for a certain period of time, you will also get an assignment every two weeks, just like our participants. Although you are not obliged to make the assignments, they might help you rediscover your creative fashion sense and provide some insight into your shopping behaviour. You can post the outcome of the assignment on our Facebook wall. Of course you can also post it on your own blog, website, Twitter-account (don’t forget to fill in the link!).

Participating is easy: just fill in the form and we will help you with the rest. The only thing you will have to do is stick to your promise (although we are also interested in tales of failure! ;-) ).

On behalf of the Free Fashion Challenge team,
// Laura de Jong
founder and editor in chief - Free Fashion Challenge

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are you a fashion professional? Or are you just addicted to fashion?
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